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The latest news from the Camp

Finally, the light at the end of the tunnel!

Who'd have thought that 2019 would be the last show for 2 years?  Two long years in which we all know of those who suffered loss, those who have been very ill and those who were very scared.  Who'd have thought that a miniscule virus had the power to plunge the world into chaos?

The same spirit and determination that won through in WW2, the inventiveness and sheer drive of many, has finally given us the tools to emerge from the long, dark tunnel of the pandemic.

So, we're back!  Back to deliver you the family friendly Ramsey 1940s Weekend!  Back to give you your favourites.  Back to deliver you new experiences.  Back to let you experience life in the 1940s first hand.

During the pandemic the Camp was shut for nearly two years.  It would have been an ideal time to carry out much needed work but the restrictions on leaving home, not mixing and a plethora of emergency rules meant our opportunites to do anything were extremely limited.  Restrictions were slowly lifted, but as we were classified as a hospitaility /event venue we were one of the last groups allowed to resume normal service.  However, we did manage to aquire a 1938 90cm searchlight with generator!  We also aquired a much bigger searchlight from Salvage Hunters: The Restorers - some of you may have seen the programme.  This has some genuine parts but is mostly reconstructed.  Both will feature in the Ramsey 1940s Weekend 2022.

Enough for now, looking forward to seeing you at the show!