It's true!  This is our 21st year of presenting the  fabulous

Ramsey 1940s Weekend

This year represents a big anniversary for the show - 21 years since its humble beginning at the Ramsey Rural Museum, through the Upwood years, and for the last 11 years at our permanent venue, the Ramsey 1940s Camp.

Booking forms for living history groups, exhibitors and traders are available to download now. 

We understand there are unique financial pressures this year.  To help we have held our prices, and even reduced them in some areas.  Camping prices have been reduced, as have childrens entry tickets.  Trader prices are held at last years level. 

We look forward to welcoming you in August!

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Ramsey Fen Fair 2023

The Fen Fair Collaboration returns with another eclectic mix of food,crafts, vehicles and entertainment!  Better still, entry prices have been kept as low as possible too!

You entry ticket includes access to the museum, the Field, and the Ramsey 1940s Camp.

So what's happening at the 1940s end of the showwground, in the 1940s Camp?


Have a go archery for a start.  Try it, you know you want to!

You want vintage tractors?  We've got them on display.

Fancy something different to eat and drink?  Our very own NAAFI will be serving home made bread pudding, cakes and scones.  There'll be sandwiches too, all at affordable prices, as well as tea, coffee and squash.

We've got kiddies fairground rides as well.

And, we've got the Sci-Fi major attraction in the Drill Hall!!!!

Struggling to see this poster?  All will become clearer over the next few days - but for absolute clarity, you'll find all this and more in the Drill Hall on the 21st May 2023 - and it's all incuded in the entry price you pay on the gate to the Fen Fair!!

Sci-Fi, what's all that about?

Have you ever wanted to meet Dr Who, or step inside a Tardis?  Have you ever met a dalek?  Well, we'll have two Doctors, 4 real daleks, and a whole Tardisfor you to see and interact with.

Do you know how to use a lightsaber?  You can learn in our Jedi School!  Boba Fett will also be in the building, keeping an eye on things.

Droids?  We've got droids, one nearly 3 metres tall!  Watch where you walk, you may get trodden on.

There's much more besides.  Props, displays, special effects.........and the bar open.

All kicks off with the saturday night dance in the 

Drill Hall

Buy your tickets here

An evening of clairvoyance

Wayne has been working with Spirit for over 30 years. He started his professional life at his local Spiritual centre in Bedford, England. He has travelled the world doing readings and demonstrations over the past 25 years and even started a radio show to keep connected to those around the globe. Wayne’s passion for his spiritual work led him to study to be a qualified teacher so he could teach people meditation and spiritual guidance, running many meditation and development circles. He also runs workshops in his local Spiritual Churches, where he helps others with their Spiritual understanding and growth.

Wayne’s love for everything Spiritual has meant he has continued to learn and develop his skills. He adores his demonstrations of Mediumship and Clairvoyance, but through his eagerness to understand more, he developed into a Trance Medium, which enables him to give back more to the people that have helped him along the way. He became an ordained minister a few years back, which has given him the honour of performing weddings and funerals. Wayne says he will never stop learning from other amazing Mediums (of which he has had the pleasure of working with on stage) and Spirit, to ensure he can continue to work in the best way possible with Spirit, to help as many people as possible.