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The latest news from the Camp

Finally, the light at the end of the tunnel!

Who'd have thought that 2019 would be the last show for 2 years?  Two long years in which we all know of those who suffered loss, those who have been very ill and those who were very scared.  Who'd have thought that a miniscule virus had the power to plunge the world into chaos?

The same spirit and determination that won through in WW2, the inventiveness and sheer drive of many, has finally given us the tools to emerge from the long, dark tunnel of the pandemic.

So, we're back!  Back to deliver you the family friendly Ramsey 1940s Weekend!  Back to give you your favourites.  Back to deliver you new experiences.  Back to let you experience life in the 1940s first hand.

During the pandemic the Camp was shut for nearly two years.  It would have been an ideal time to carry out much needed work but the restrictions on leaving home, not mixing and a plethora of emergency rules meant our opportunites to do anything were extremely limited.  Restrictions were slowly lifted, but as we were classified as a hospitaility /event venue we were one of the last groups allowed to resume normal service.  However, we did manage to aquire a 1938 90cm searchlight with generator!  We also aquired a much bigger searchlight from Salvage Hunters: The Restorers - some of you may have seen the programme.  This has some genuine parts but is mostly reconstructed.  Both will feature in the Ramsey 1940s Weekend 2022.

Enough for now, looking forward to seeing you at the show!

Like many voluntary organisations,  the pandemic has drastically reduced the number of volunteers available to help run this year's show.  Can you step in to help take up the slack?  Maybe you think it's way out of your capabilities.  It's not!  Let me tell you what we're doing over the next few weeks, and suggest things that may be right up your street.

  • From now 'til 15th August - building a complete London Blitz set (think Warner Brothers'Harry Potter Studio Tour, but smaller!).  This project will suit anyone with basic diy skills or have an artistic bent.  It involves basic woowork, painting, installing lighting and sound systems and then fully testing it.
  • Also from now 'til the show - people with IT or administrative skills would be really welcome!
  • Saturday 13th August - installing security and barrier fencing.  The same fencing you see on construction sites and at festivals.  The only lifting is from stack to trailer, then trailer to position.  All marking out is done for us with a gps controlled tractor!  Then fit the clamps and stays and tighten them.
  • Monday 15th August onward - install dance floor, stage, lighting and power in the Big Top.  There's a small marquee to set up inside too, and then chairs and tables to lay out.  This work does involve lifting!
  • Monday 15th August onward - if you work half a day for us we supply tea, coffe, and squash.  There's usally crisps around too, and sometimes, even biscuits.  For those staying the whole day you get a hot meal at dinner time.  All of this is free of charge!  If you would like to help out in our 5* hygeine rated NAAFI, we would love to have you.  We have a fully equiped, spacious kitchen, even equipped with a high speed, industrial dishwasher!  If you have catering skills, great!  If not, don't worry.  Our supervisory volunteers will be there to support you.
  • Wednesday 17th August onward - place litter bins, fire points and a myriad of other equipment.  We have a number of motorised buggies and trailers.  If your happy to drive them, we'll show you how.
  • 20th and 21st August - assist our core team in all areas running the show.  You can help out in the NAAFI, on our own stalls, be a steward (full training given), in fact anywhere.  We rotate our volunteers, you will get time to enjoy the show.  Fancy being an announcer on the tannoy?  We need someone to do that too!

So what happens next?  Simple.  Click the link in the picture above, complete the simple online form and we'll do the rest!  If you think you can't offer any skills, you're very wrong.  We'll not only find something for you to do, you'll enjoy the experience.  Even if you have mobility or strength issues I willing to bet we can find a job for you.

Ian 'Rosie' Rose

It is with deep sadness that we say goodbye to one of our own.  Many of you will remember Rosie, our own Pearly King!  Rosie first came to the Ramsey 1940s as a volunteer, using his (dubious) skills as a painter, to help renovate the Camp.  As I recall it was one dip of the brush, a few brush strokes, and then a long story!  I think he held the record for the longest time to paint a door - but it didn't matter, the stories and the banter were always worth it.

Later Rosie started singing for us.  He was already established in community groups, care homes and the like, so why not us?  His first gig was on the main stage in the Big Top.  I can still remember how nervous he was.  Unsteady on his pins, my partner and I helped him onto the stage, set his microphone and sat him on his stool.  The music started, and he never looked back!  Over the years he would always reiterate how the Ramsey 1940s gave him his big break!

In later years Rosie found his true passion singing, no, performing in the open air, up close and personal with the punters.  They loved him - the banter, the songs, the ocasional risque comment - audiences lapped it up.  As his mobility issues worsened, his son-in-law Matt appeared.  Roadie, 'carer' and consumate musician, this unlikely pairing increased their popularity beyond belief.  The stage will be just that little bit quieter now.  

But Rosie was more than that.  He was a fireman (firefighter) many years ago, and that endeared him to me more than ever, me being a retired career firefighter.  So Rosie, in terms you'd understand, "Stand down me old mucca, your service is done.  I will miss you, but remember you fondly - we all will."

To your family and friends, thank you for sharing your giant of a man with us, and please accept our sincerest condolences for your loss.