Cancellation Announcement

25th June 2021

The Ramsey 1940s Weekend committee has made the very difficult decision to cancel this year's show.

The main reasons for cancellation are:

1: Lack of direction from the government on whether we will be able to accommodate indoor dancing – a significant attraction and the main reason for hiring the Big Top. The concern also that social distancing rules will continue to be enforced resulting in the Drill Hall and Big Top capacity being reduced by some 50% The NAAFI would be unusable and is a significant income stream to fund the show.

2: Bookings for camping and trade stands are at 25% of the level they would normally be now. This suggests people are afraid to commit, understandable given the pandemic, but not helpful with financial forecasts to ensure the show is affordable.

3: Year on year the number of people volunteering to help at the show, particularly stewarding, has dwindled. This is not a situation unique to us, it is a common theme across most organisations. This year it is significantly reduced, again suggesting a reluctance to commit given the pandemic.

4: We have no way of forecasting the footfall through the pay gate but given the lack of commitment from the groups already mentioned a reduction of 30% would represent a financial loss. As we are a self funding, entirely voluntary organisation that is simply something we cannot afford. Unlike a lot of shows we lease our venue throughout the year and have the significant costs associated with that.

To summarise, going ahead with the show presents a significant financial risk to the Ramsey 1940s venue and subsequent shows. Far more importantly, given the lack of direction from government and the lack of volunteers for stewarding, we are not satisfied we can offer a safe event this year.

The safety of everyone on site is paramount and something we will not even consider compromising for any reason.

We realise this will be a big disappointment to all those who attend but I will ask you to spare a thought to those businesses that will suffer financially in what has already been a devastating 18 months. Security and medical cover, toilet suppliers, sound systems and engineers, and many, many more. These are not faceless, multi-national companies. These are local suppliers and services we use in line with our ethos of supporting local community and business. Add to this our fabulous entertainers, loyal trade stand owners and caterers and the number of charitable trade stands we accommodate and the financial impact is felt further afield. This cancellation will have financial implications for many, many people, something that lays heavy with us.


All payments received will be refunded, both for 2020 and 2021. To speed this process a dedicated email address has been set up for all enquiries related to refunds. Using this system will guarantee a response where a phone call will not, simply because our volunteers do most of their work from home, usually at random times to fit in with their daily life! Nothing will be rolled over to 2022, for that show we will start afresh. The email address is The refund process will commence Monday 28th June with payments reaching recipients in the following 3 weeks or so.

As Chair I offer my personal apologies for the cancellation of this year’s show and look forward to seeing you all in 2022. In the meantime please keep an eye on our Facebook page as a number of one and two day 1940s events will be taking place between September and next year’s show with opportunities for reenactors, traders, period vehicle owners and anything else associated with the 1940s.